TAIWAN: Low enrolments for new academic year

Latest figures show that Taiwan's colleges and universities will suffer their lowest enrolment and highest vacancies when the new semester begins in September, reports Taiwan News. Eighteen college and university departments in Taiwan failed to recruit any students for the coming semester, according to official figures.

A total of 76,434 students landed a spot in a Taiwanese university, resulting in a record high of 6,802 vacancies on campuses and another record high college admission rate of 97%, according to the Joint Board of the College Recruitment Commission. That is up from 4,788 vacancies for last school year.

Vacancies in higher education institutions have been steadily rising in Taiwan in recent years. The country's falling birth rate and a rapid increase in the number of colleges and universities opened in the past 15 years are the main reasons behind this trend. While in 1986 there were only 28 four-year colleges and universities across Taiwan, the number surged to 147 in 2008 - the result of a government policy to reduce pressure and make it easier for high school students trying to get into a university.
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