INDIA: Growing numbers studying abroad

More students than ever before are leaving India to pursue higher education abroad, reports Rema Nagarajan for The Times of India. The number of these mobile students increased two-and-a-half times between 1975 and 2007 to reach 2.8 million. Two-thirds of the students make a beeline for six countries - the US, UK, France, Australia, Germany and Japan in that order.

The number of female mobile students is increasing, raising their share of the total from 46% to 49%, according to UNESCO's recent report, Global Education Digest 2009.

China sends the largest number of students outside (about 421,000 in 2007) followed by India (153,300), Republic of Korea (105,300), Germany (77,500) and Japan (54,500).

Western Europe hosts the largest proportion of mobile students, over 41%, followed by North America with 24% and East Asia and Pacific with over 18%. In terms of individual countries, the US hosts the largest proportion, 21%.
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