CHINA: Cheating is common, scientists believe

Nearly half of the science-related workers in China's research institutes, universities, medical institutes and hospitals think academic cheating is "common", according to a survey by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), reports China View. The survey, released last Friday, showed that 43.4% of 30,078 respondents thought plagiarism is "really" or "rather" serious in China. About 45.2% of them were worried about fabrication.

Furthermore, 55.5% said they were sure of at least one case of plagiarism, fabrication or sending one thesis to several journals for publication, among science researchers they knew in real life.

Cheating has always been a big headache in Chinese academic circles. It has been highlighted since last October, when an associate professor of pharmacology at the famed Zhejiang University was found plagiarising in eight of his works.
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