AUSTRALIA: Research hogs 'rip-off' the system

Top universities in Australia were using marriages of convenience with medical research institutes to inflate their research income and prestige and to secure an unfair slice of sought-after block funds for infrastructure, university chief Ross Milbourne said, reports Bernard Lane for The Australian. Milbourne, chairman of the Australian Technology Network of universities, sharply criticised the practice as a "rort" and a "rip-off".

But front-rank universities such as Sydney and Melbourne rejected what they said was a misguided assault on the realities of modern, collaborative science, with the potential to set back vital research into health and medicine.

The controversy, which is marked by strong disagreements at many levels and uncertainty about the exact arrangements between universities and their research partners, is coming to a head after lobbying of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Minister Kim Carr. A joint government-university review of how research income is reported began this month.
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