FRANCE: Grants for international students

An agency that promotes French education abroad called CampusFrance has set up an online directory of grants available for international students who want to study in France.

The directory gives information in French and English for students wanting to study for degrees at licence (bachelor equivalent), masters, doctorate and post-doc levels. It lists more than 80 bursary programmes offered by the French government and international institutions, local authorities, companies, foundations, universities and schools of higher education.

Students can narrow down potentially suitable grant programmes using criteria on the search engine, such as nationality, level and field of study and type of grant sought. They can then check precise details of the proposed programme, its eligibility rules, application procedures, contacts and website link of the institution responsible for the grants.

A second version of the directory will be launched in June, adding details of grant programmes offered by foreign governments and French embassies abroad.

CampusFrance is supervised by the French ministries of foreign affairs and of higher education and research. It has a network of more than 100 offices in 75 countries and aims to help international students interested in studying in France from providing initial information to pre-enrolment at a university. The agency has set up an online application system in nearly 30 countries to handle visa request procedures.