ALGERIA: New agri-technologies centre to open in Béjaïa

A new National Centre for Agricultural Technologies, or CNTA, at the University of Abderrahmane Mira in Béjaïa will aim to boost the area's agribusiness sector through partnerships with local companies, reported La Tribune.

The university's rector Djoudi Merabet, who announced the plan to create the centre on local radio, said the CNTA would also play a major role in technical innovation and technology transfer. "Our university already has at its disposal a department of food sciences, linked by research agreements with a good number of businesses operating in this area. We have the necessary potential to develop research in this domain," La Tribune quoted him as saying.

Merabet said that "researchers, both teachers and students, our partners among manufacturers and public institutions, and our associates within other universities in Algeria and abroad will work together to give this centre its due importance".

As well as its traditional functions of producing, preserving and transmitting knowledge, the university had started a number of initiatives to bring together local communities and businesses, reported La Tribune. About 20 agreements had been made with big private and public companies.

"The university today has the duty to contribute to the development of, and participate in, provision of professional employment for its graduates," said Merabet.
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