ANGOLA: New network to cover country

Higher education reorganisation will lead to the creation of new public institutions and by 2012 the network will extend throughout the country, said Adão do Nascimento, Secretary of State for Higher Education.

In an interview with Angop, the Angola Press Agency, do Nascimento said this year would be marked by the appearance of higher education institutions in a number of provinces which had never had any, with the aim of achieving the strategic objectives of economic, social, technological and community development in the communities.

They included University Katiavala Buila, with headquarters at Benguela consisting of five institutions, and one in Kwanza Sul; the University 11 de Novembro, based in Cabinda with five institutions, and one in Zaire; and the University of Lueji A'Konde in Lunda Norte province with four institutions.

"The process will be ongoing because we cannot complete the project in just one year, but every effort will be made to finish it by 2012," the minister told Angop.

Do Nascimento's comments followed a promise made by Prime Minister Antonio Paulo Kassoma at the opening ceremony of the academic year earlier this month. He reiterated the government's commitment to improving the quality of higher education and guaranteeing its sustainable development and suitability for the country's economic social and cultural reality, reported Angop.

Kassoma said there was a pressing need for higher education institutions to meet all internationally recognised conditions, and to have all human and material resources, as well as study programmes, to respond to local development needs.

"University is a source of transmission of scientific knowledge, but must also bring solutions to real problems faced by society," he said.
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