CANADA: Smallest known North American dinosaur found

Canadian researchers say they have discovered the smallest known North American dinosaur, a carnivore that roamed areas of the continent 75 million years ago and weighed less than most modern-day house cats, reports CNN. Hesperonychus elizabethae, a two-kilogram creature with razor-like claws, ran through the swamps and forests of south-eastern Alberta, Canada, during the late Cretaceous period, the researchers said.

The diminutive dinosaur likely hunted insects, small mammals and other prey, perhaps even baby dinosaurs, said Nick Longrich, a paleontology research associate in the University of Calgary's department of biological sciences. "It's basically a predator of small things," Longrich said. He co-wrote a paper on the dinosaur with University of Alberta paleontologist Philip Currie, which appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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