US: Enrolments in computing and engineering rise

Some heartening news on the tech front, reports Scientific American: enrolment in undergraduate computer science and engineering programmes is up in the US and Canada for the first time since the dot-com bust.

The number of students majoring in computer science was up 8% in the 2007-08 academic year over the previous one, according to data collected by the Computing Research Association from departments at 192 universities. The trend marks the first time total enrolment increased in six years.

"The upward surge of student interest is real and bigger than anyone expected," Peter Lee, the industry group's incoming chair, told the association's Computing Research Policy Blog. "The fact that computer science graduates usually find themselves in high-paying jobs accounts for part of the reversal. Increasingly students also are attracted to the intellectual depth and societal benefits of computing technology."
Full report on the Scientific American site