US: Black immigrants access elite colleges

The election of Barack Obama - African American because of his African father, distinguishing him from how the phrase is commonly used - has brought unprecedented attention to the diversity of backgrounds of those covered by the term, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed. Within higher education, one of the more sensitive issues in discussion of admissions and affirmative action in recent years has been the relative success of immigrant black Americans compared with black people who have been in the US for generations.

A new study has found that among high school graduates, 'immigrant blacks' - defined as those who immigrated to the United States or their children - are significantly more likely than other black Americans to attend selective colleges. In fact, immigrant black Americans are more likely than white students to attend such colleges. The research, published in the journal Sociology of Education, is the second major study in two years to try to define the "advantage" of some black applicants to top college.
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