US: Slave trade memorial on cards for Brown University

A Brown University commission has asked the school to create a memorial acknowledging its early ties to the slave trade, one that would inspire reconciliation, not resurrect shame, reports the Seattle Times. The 10-member commission has been studying civil rights and slavery memorials from Alabama to France, and said in a new report released last week that the project should be uplifting.

The commission did not identify a location for the memorial but said the school should consider locating it off-campus.

In 2003, Brown President Ruth Simmons, the first black president of an Ivy League school and a descendant of slaves herself, appointed a committee of students, faculty and administrators to study the university's ties to the slave trade and recommend how the college should take responsibility. The idea for a memorial emerged from a major internal report in 2006 that explored the Ivy League school's early role in slavery.
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