BANGLADESH: US$81 million to improve higher education

The World Bank last week approved a US$81 million interest-free credit to Bangladesh to improve the quality of teaching and research in higher education, reports China View. The credit from the International Development Association, the World Bank's concessionary arm, will support Bangladesh's Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project.

The project will promote innovation and accountability in universities and enhance the technical and institutional capacity of the higher education sector, according to a World Bank press release. In Bangladesh, the gross primary school enrolment rate is around 90% and secondary school enrolment has more than doubled since independence in 1971. However, similar progress has not been realised at the higher education level.

World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh, Zhu Xian, said the project will fund activities that could bring rapid and visible benefits to the academic community, and help more young people enrol in universities. Among other things a Bangladesh Research and Education Network, a high-performance ICT network, will be set up.
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