US: Obama's call for college for all - is it possible?

In his address to a joint session of Congress recently, President Barack Obama called for every American to pursue some form of education beyond high school, write Justin Pope and Libby Quaid for Associated Press. It is an ambitious goal - some might say impossible. Currently, only two of every five American adults have a two- or four-year college degree. Millions struggle even to complete high school, with one in four dropping out. And even a high school degree is no guarantee a student is ready for college.

Particularly alarming are the college rates for low-income and minority students. One recent study reported more than 90% of low-income teens said they planned to go to college - but only half actually enrol. Those who do enrol are substantially less likely than others to finish their degree. The Associated Press asked six experts - from the worlds of policy, philanthropy and some who work directly with struggling students - to answer the same two questions. Is the president's goal realistic? And what would it take to attain it?
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