US: Return on investment - public schools rock

Few measures of a business school's performance hit home quite like return on investment, or ROI. In an era when salary freezes and layoffs are the order of the day, a school that can deliver the goods - decent-paying jobs for the vast majority of graduates - is golden. If it can do so without charging an arm and a leg, well, so much the better. That's why BusinessWeek undertook an extensive analysis of ROI for the 50 top schools in its 2009 Best Undergraduate Business Schools ranking. The results were enlightening: while the top-ranked private schools such as Notre Dame and Wharton get all the attention, it is the big state schools (and their lower tuition costs) that fare the best on this measure.

To determine ROI, BusinessWeek gathered information from all 50 schools about their annual tuition and required fees as well as the median starting salaries for 2008 graduates, then divided the salary figure by the annual costs to calculate "salary per tuition dollar" - or bang for the buck. Overall, public universities did far better than elite private schools, averaging $5.98 in pay for every tuition dollar spent, compared to $1.87 for the privates
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