SOUTH AFRICA: Wannabe teachers fill universities

For the first time in years South African universities are seeing a marked increase in the number of students opting to become teachers, writes Prega Govender for the Sunday Times. In response to burgeoning student numbers this year, several universities have hired extra teaching staff while others are building new lecture halls to cope with the increased demand.

A random survey by the Sunday Times of the first-year student intake for education degrees at six major universities has revealed a significant increase of more than 900 students from last year. The University of the Witwatersrand had to turn down 532 first-year applicants who had applied for the Bachelor of Education degree because of space constraints.

Universities showing a marked increase in student numbers from last year included the University of Pretoria from 789 to 1224; the University of KwaZulu-Natal from 548 to 701; Wits University from 400 to 520; the University of Johannesburg from 213 to 330 and Stellenbosch University from 571 to 637; with the University of the Free State taking in an extra 28 from 410 last year.
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