TAIWAN: Education vouchers for unemployed graduates

Following a distribution of consumption vouchers to every citizen, the Executive Yuan plans to issue education vouchers to help unemployed university graduates, reports Taiwan News. The government has set up a special budget of NT$30 billion (US$891 million) for education vouchers and internship subsidies for university and college graduates, in the hope of reducing the number of the unemployed by 100,000.

The education vouchers are consumption vouchers with specific purposes, only valid for further training or education, said a cabinet official. Chen Tian-jy, chairman of Council for Economic Planning and Development, said the vouchers allowed graduate jobseekers to go back to campus to take courses specifically designed by universities. Universities can request payment from government for the education vouchers.

Of the 540,000 out-of-works in Taiwan, about 220,000 people hold a degree equivalent or higher than university, said Chen. The CEPD along with the Ministry of Education and the Council of Labor Affairs mapped out the project to boost the employment of graduates and are expected to present the plan to the Executive Yuan in two weeks.
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