RWANDA: Private universities want law amended

Private universities in Rwanda are opposed to a provision in the law governing higher education institutions that empowers senates to determine the salaries of staff, reports The New Times in Kigali. Whereas salaries for public institutions are determined by the Ministry of Public Service and Labour, the law provides for senates to establish emoluments in private schools.

"It's not applicable to tell the university senate to establish the salary scale of employees when the senate is made up of employees," said Dr Alphonse Ngagi, President of the Private Universities' association. He said the association had appealed to parliament to amend some articles in the law that it believes are "unbalanced".

Speaking to The New Times, Minister of Education Dr Daphrose Gahakwa said her ministry has started working on amendment of the organic law - but hastened to add that the existing one has to remain in force and that institutions should abide by it until the amendment had been passed.
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