I refer to the article about Egypt computerising the university curricula. I have just completed a degree that was half-earned through online classes and I strongly agree that professors need more face-to-face communication. Online education also does not give the university a chance to see the quality of the person or not, and online education allows cheating if a person so desires to do so. Professors are often given more students than they would have in person and they are not reading all the assignments students turn in.

Many professors are working at other full-time jobs and "teaching" two or three or more online classes. I believe it is just a way for the universities to save money and the social problems of having students come on their property.

This saves them overhead to some extent and parking, etc. I have a bachelor's in sociology and have just completed a master's in conflict management. Thankfully I am also self-taught and I have always been furthering my mind by reading and travelling.

I believe online education has a place but it is not worth being used in all classes all the time. Universities should tread much more slowly in adapting online education and moving to computerised books as reading on the computer is damaging to one's eyes and mental health.

Do not lessen the value of paper research in libraries and bookstores. Electronic means should be under the control of the human and not their guide.

NY Goodwin