AUSTRALIA: Universities not run by 'lefties'

Australian universities are not controlled by left-wing academics hell-bent on brainwashing students, a Senate inquiry has found, reports The Age. The previous coalition government established the inquiry into allegations of academic bias a week before it lost control of the upper house earlier this year.

But Labor senators dominated the committee, and its final report states that there is no evidence of bias in the nation's universities. "The committee's finding is that in view of the relatively tiny number of submissions received, from the hundreds of thousands of students who are said to be affected, there can be no basis for arguing that universities are under the control of the Left," committee chair Gavin Marshall wrote in the report.

"If there is a Left conspiracy to influence the direction of the nation's affairs and its social and economic priorities through the process of subverting a generation of undergraduates, this is not yet evident."
Full report in The Age