PAKISTAN: Tough rules for foreign students in the UK

Pakistani students who want to study in the UK will have to be 'sponsored' by colleges and universities that have acquired a licence from the UK Border Agency, reports the Daily Times. New rules were announced by the Home Office on 30 October as part of an Australian-style student tier of the points system that will clamp down on bogus students and enable Britain to select students more carefully.

"International students contribute £2.5 billion to the UK economy in tuition fees alone. The student tier of the points system means Britain can continue to recruit good students from outside Europe," said Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas in a press release issued by the UK Border Agency. "Those who come to Britain must play by the rules and benefit the country. This new route for students will ensure we know exactly who is coming here to study and stamp out bogus colleges which facilitate the lawbreakers."

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, a total of 15,560 Asian or Asian British Pakistanis were studying at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the UK. The overall number of students was 880,030.
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