UK: Obama win could hit foreign student recruitment

Barack Obama's historic election could hit the ability of British universities to recruit lucrative overseas students, reports The Guardian. Universities in the UK have benefited from the negative perception of America around the world since the 11 September terrorist attacks and the tightening of visa requirements that followed. But it is thought '4/11' could be just as significant as '9/11' in terms of its impact on international student recruitment, with many now choosing to attend American universities.

Tougher US visa restrictions that came in after the 11 September attacks have recently been lifted. American universities are actively trying to recruit overseas students once more, just as the British government tightens visa arrangements. It is estimated that international students bring £3.5bn to UK universities each year and up to £10bn to the British economy.

Dominic Scott, chief executive of the UK Council for International Student Affairs, said there will inevitably be a shift in perception as a result of Obama's victory that will work to the advantage of the US.
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