ISRAEL: Disaster if universities strike: Minister

Addressing the expected strike at Israel's universities, Education Minister Yuli Tamir told a Knesset Finance Committee meeting last week that "it will be a disaster if the academic year does not open on schedule," reports Ynetnews.

Tamir accused the Treasury of "dragging its feet" in the negotiations with the Higher Education Planning and Budgeting Committee on the budget for Israel's institutions of higher learning. The sides met again in an attempt to bridge the financial gaps currently prohibiting the year from kicking off on schedule, after nearly two weeks of stalemate in talks.

Representatives of the Council of University Presidents left the meeting just an hour after it started, claiming the talks had reached a deadlock, but discussions between Treasury officials and members of the Higher Education's Planning and Budgeting Committee continued. The officials agreed to involve Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On in the negotiations.
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