IRAN: Government supporting global Islamic studies

Iran is supporting world academic centres in establishing departments of Islamic studies, the Tehran Times reported. Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology wants Islamic studies strengthened, an official said, and was looking at proposals including several from universities in Britain, America and Germany.

Gholamreza Khajesarvi added: "The ministry's International Scientific Cooperation Office is in charge of the issue and is to pursue the case to help establish new departments, provide the necessary articles on Islam, and dispatch scholars to the centres." He noted that the office has much experience in establishing departments of Persian studies across the globe, and hoped that it would also be successful in establishing departments of Islamic studies.

"The ministry is currently studying proposals by numerous world academic centres and universities including several universities from Britain, the United States, and Germany," he continued. "The departments will be set up to train and educate experts on Islam so as to assist in the introduction of Islam and its realities to the world in a proper academic setting."
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