TURKEY: Board seeking foreign students

The Higher Education Board, or YÖK, has been developing measures to make the Turkish system of higher education more appealing to students from abroad, reports Today's Zaman. One of the measures has been encouraging private universities to lower tuition costs for foreign students, and another has been asking state universities to boost admissions of foreign students.

YÖK also has tentative plans to make changes to the Foreign Student Exam, an exam foreign students must score well on to gain admittance to Turkish universities and which many have said is too difficult.

YÖK noted that tuition at Bulgarian institutions of higher education have fallen to around $2,600 per year. "In around 10 years, we may lose all of our competitiveness. We must work hard to secure a share in the higher education market," said Yusuf Ziya Özcan, the head of YÖK.
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