ISRAEL: Universities to set own tuition fee level

The Council for Higher Education announced last week that it will allow universities to determine their own individual tuition fees this coming academic year, until the government passes legislation regulating it, reports Ynetnews. This means that each university will be able to decide whether or not to raise its tuition fee level next year, or leave it unchanged. But students have threatened to launch protests if fees go up.

The decision passed the Appropriations Committee despite the request made by Education Minister Yuli Tamir, who is also the acting chairperson of the Council for Higher Education, not to interfere in the tuition debate until the government votes on the matter.

Universities that choose to raise their tuition fees and no longer implement the 26% discount decided upon by a committee headed by Justice Eliyahu Winograd, are expect to raise their fees by NIS1,000 (US$286). The Finance Ministry called for a 6% increase in tuition for all government-funded universities.
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