US: Universities try to control students off campus

Ah, life in the university district. Cheap ethnic food. Vibrant street life. Fresh-faced students whizzing by on bicycles. People who choose to live on the tree-lined streets surrounding institutions of higher learning often get a more vibrant experience than they expected - loud parties, run-down student boarding houses and trash generated by weekend melees, reports USA Today. But a growing number of universities are starting to take a more proactive approach to monitoring off-campus behaviour and neighbours say the efforts are working.

The University of Washington now enforces its campus behaviour code off campus as well. A student doesn't need to be charged with a violent crime to activate the campus code at this Seattle university. Being cited for breaking the city's noise regulations is enough to score an invite to the student conduct office.

The University of Colorado-Boulder and Penn State also are taking a broader view of offences that can activate the campus discipline system. In Colorado, the code regulates any conduct that "affects the health, safety or security of any member of the university community or the mission of the university".
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