MALAYSIA: Ministry sets transformation targets

The Higher Education Ministry has set several targets to be achieved in two years under its transformation plan, reports The Star. The ministry wants an 80% rate of repayment for student loans disbursed by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation: currently, it is below 50%. It also wants 30% of public universities' revenue to be self-generated, against a current ratio of 10%. By 2010 there should be 80,000 foreign students enrolled in Malaysian higher education institutions. According to 2007 figures there are fewer than 50,000 now.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said these were among 22 key performance indicators specified in its transformation plan, which he launched last week.
"We want to facilitate the growth of the higher education sector. As such, we will be more customer-focused and support and engage with stakeholders," he said. The ministry will release a report card every six months on the National Higher Education Strategic Plan.
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