JAPAN: Chinese students prefer the West

About 70,000 Chinese are studying at Japanese universities, comprising by far the single biggest group among the nation's 120,000 international students. But Homare Endo, an adviser to Teikyo University Group who has served as a counsellor for Chinese students in Japan since the early 1980s, says the cream of China's students tend to go to the United States or Europe, reports the Daily Yomiuri.

According to Endo, many Chinese students opt for these English-speaking destinations because they offer better opportunities to refine their skills in the language - a great advantage for job seekers and those hoping to start their own business.

Another important reason, Endo says, is antipathy towards Japan among Chinese people resulting from the previous history of aggression. But the anti-Japanese sentiment in China is mirrored by anti-Chinese feeling in Japan.
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