SOUTH KOREA: Special admission for high flyers

Next year, universities will be able to choose applicants through special admission programmes after signing contracts with science high schools and gifted and talented science high schools. The number of the two types of high schools will increase to 30 from 21 by 2012. The number of students will double for gifted and talented education. The Education, Science and Technology Ministry announced the measures last week in the first gifted and talented educational forum organised by the Korea Educational Development Institute in Seoul, reports The ministry will expand these special admission programmes given the excellence of students attending maths and science high schools for the gifted and talented, after they sign contracts with universities.

Universities this month will be given the authority to decide on the number of students to admit and select students after reaching agreements with gifted and talented schools. The selection will be based on research proposals, advanced placement scores and research results that the students achieved in high school. So grade averages will count for less. The number of students at science and gifted and talented science high schools will also rise from 3,900 or 0.2% of the high school student population, to 8,000 or 0.5%.
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