GHANA: Private universities - No quality, no accreditation

Vice-President Alhaji Aliu Mahama has warned that the government will not hesitate to withdraw the accreditation of private universities that operate below the required standards, reports the Daily Graphic. "The government will continue to collaborate with the private sector in providing quality education to the population but will not sacrifice standards and efficiency," he warned at the fourth congregation of the Islamic University College, adding that there had been reports of some private institutions taking undue advantage of the government's open policy on private sector participation in tertiary education.

"It is gratifying to note that a lot more individuals, companies and religious groups are answering the government's call for private sector participation in tertiary education," he stated. Alhaji Mahama said the attainment of education for all by 2015, as part of achieving the Millennium Development Goals, was a collective effort by all - and it was for that reason that the government invited the private sector to participate in the provision of tertiary education in Ghana.
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