RWANDA: Private sector urged to invest in universities

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Justin Nsengiyumva, has urged stakeholders in the private sector to play a leading role in investing in higher education because it is "a primary tool for development", reports The New Times. Opening the final consultative meeting on a new national strategic policy for higher education, at the Kigali Institute of Technology, he added that the government should also assist existing institutions of higher learning to acquire what they lacked - instead of closing them.

"The government has to provide any possible assistance to private institutions if the goals of the education sector are to be achieved," the minister said.

Currently, out of the 32 institutions of higher learning, 14 are private and the remaining 16 are public institutions. The policy being drafted proposes that the government make decisions that will enable stakeholders to build on already available institutional structures and to address social and economic challenges.
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