UK: Business to fund 30,000 new places in shake-up

Radical plans to reshape universities by making them more business-friendly and targeting most future new course places at adults in work have been laid out by the universities secretary, John Denham, in an interview with Patrick Wintour of The Guardian. Around 30,000 new places will be co-funded by employers as part of the plan, which aims to refocus the culture and purpose of higher education.

Undergraduates on the new business-focussed courses will be expected to complete work experience as part of their degree. They will study for two intensive years, rather than over three years with long holidays, The Guardian continues.

The scheme, just published as a consultation paper, is part of an attempt to meet the government target to equip 40% of the workforce with graduate-level skills by 2020, a target that will only be met by helping tens of thousands of the existing workforce to study at university.
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