AUSTRALIA: A degree in terrorism

Australia has one the world’s most stringent set of laws against terrorism. Now, Murdoch University in the Western Australian capital of Perth is offering a bachelor of arts in security, terrorism and counter-terrorism.

An advertisement for the course says: “Graduates of this degree will be excellent candidates for recruitment into the intelligence services, as well as in the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Defence, Immigration, Customs Service and the Attorney-General’s Office.

“Alternative careers could be in international journalism, international business and corporate management.”

The university says the bachelor of arts (security, terrorism and counter-terrorism) is devoted to the examination of global security and the phenomenon of terrorism at the beginning of the 21st century.

“It is an exciting major, which is multi–disciplinary in approach and content. The degree is designed to encourage students to understand the nature of security and terrorism from military, legal, political, scientific and sociological perspectives.”

To qualify for the degree, students must complete 13 units consisting of, among others, perspectives on security and terrorism, global politics, Asia-Pacific in the ‘New World Order’, structure thought and reality, foundations of science: life and the universe, terrorism: its causes and consequences, spies, saboteurs and secret agents, and terrorism in a globalised world.

As well, students must complete 11 elective units. Fees for the course, which is offered through Open Universities Australia, range from $600-$700 per unit or about $15,000 (US$16,600) in total.