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31 August 2023  Issue No: 418
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOA total of 104 government and private higher education institutions in Sudan, as well as research centres and the National Fund for Student Welfare have been damaged and vandalised since April when the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces became embroiled in a war.
African universities need to be innovative to find sustainable ways to finance infrastructure projects on their campuses. The lack of structures to support the admission of more students is denying many the opportunity to enter tertiary education institutions, said Professor Olusola Oyewole, the secretary general of the Association of African Universities or AAU.
Three decades into a democratic dispensation in South Africa and the University of Fort Hare continues to reel from a ‘hostile 1950s takeover’ strong-armed by the (former) National Party. The effects have left a trail of destruction and severely threatened academic freedom and institutional autonomy, said Vice-Chancellor Sakhela Buhlungu.
Africa News
PHOTOThe Southern African Regional Universities Association will be driving the ‘Engaged University’ initiative that calls for the use of participatory approaches towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs at higher education institutions within the Southern African Development Community.
PHOTOZimbabwe has made great strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS and is one of five countries in Africa to have reached the 95-95-95 target, according to the UNAIDS Global AIDS Update 2023 report. Researchers at the University of Zimbabwe are playing a key role in the success.
PHOTOVice-chancellors must champion the advancement portfolio, position the universities they lead and build networks that sustain the institution. Instead, the advancement portfolio is often undervalued by the executive management, and staff in this portfolio are excluded from strategic planning at the highest level.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOBefore we entrust more power to artificial intelligence in higher education, we must remember that AI tools and platforms propagate the biases, bigotry and epistemic injustices that have plagued higher education worldwide since the European colonial conquest and which continue to this day.
Academic Publishing
PHOTODespite the huge untapped potential for a knowledge-driven economy, the African academic and research community is missing out on the numerous opportunities that come with the open-access publishing of books.
Africa Blog
PHOTOThe deportation of South African researchers and British academic Stephen Chan ahead of the 23 August election in Zimbabwe suggests that academic freedom, which includes the freedom to conduct research, is not guaranteed. It has been used as an intimidation tool since colonial times.
Africa Features
PHOTOIt is now or never for Kenya as its government banks on technical and vocational education and training or TVET institutions to ready the country for the future. The pace of industrialisation and technological advancements has signalled to countries keen on growth that they no longer have the luxury of time.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOZimbabwe’s government has deported British academic Professor Stephen Chan, accusing him of plotting to destabilise the country after the general elections on 23 August. Chan, a professor of world politics at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, has been doing community work in Africa.
Global Commentary
PHOTOCountries like China and Vietnam have responded to globalisation with nationalist political programming in higher education. But that puts them in opposition to growing internationalisation efforts among the universities themselves which seek to compete with each other and make their mark in global rankings.
Edtech, AI and Higher Education
PHOTOEducators will need more than ever to understand the unique value of a human and to perceive large language models as legitimate and useful sources of ideas rather than shortcuts and avenues for cheating, according to tech-focused educational entrepreneur and author Priten Shah.
World Blog
PHOTOWhile the United Kingdom played a critical role in helping to shape global and European higher education, at a time when adherence to internationalisation, collaboration and scientific exchange is so badly needed, the UK appears to have decided to exit the world stage.
Global Features
PHOTOInterest is soaring in degree and graduate apprenticeships which are expected to be listed alongside university degrees on the United Kingdom’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service or UCAS website from 2024, but experts point to a gap between the positive rhetoric and hard government policy.
World Round-up
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