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6 April 2023  Issue No: 400
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOUniversities in Africa should make the most of their current ‘window of opportunity’ to access part of the €150 billion (US$163 billion) that the European Union agreed to invest in the areas of public health, a green transition, innovation and technology as well as capacities for science.
Tunisia must take swift action to curb racist rhetoric and combat all forms of racial discrimination and violence against black Africans, including students, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said under its early warning and urgent action procedure.
Countries in Southern Africa are to develop a broad framework for microcredentials. It is expected to inform and guide individual countries and institutions to develop country-specific frameworks for the recognition of learning through microcredentials. This emerged from a communiqué from Dr Whitfield Green, CEO of the South African Council on Higher Education.
Latest Vacancy in HE
Africa News
PHOTOStudents from Sub-Saharan African countries say that they are being discriminated against in Tunisia’s banks and post offices, preventing them from receiving international money transfers to pay for essentials. This comes in the aftermath of President Kais Saied’s call in February for “urgent measures” to counter “hordes” of Sub-Saharan migrants.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOTwo types of pressures necessitate revisiting the role of a professor. Firstly, the pressure to account for “market-friendliness” and, secondly, to respond to the transformation and decolonisation imperatives as a result of massification. In this context the professorial role may need to re-adapt to respond to broader socio-economic and political exigencies affecting higher education.
Africa Features
PHOTONew legislation about dealing with mental health issues is expected to also improve mental health facilities and care on Nigerian campuses, something which is currently missing in the higher education system. Universities, experts say, have a role to play in tackling mental health challenges in society.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOBias in research and its benefits, power imbalances and other inequities has long plagued scientific collaboration. Now ethics experts from around the world have published the Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through Fairness and Equity, with 20 recommendations to guide all stakeholders in achieving more just research practice.
Special Report Series: AI and Higher Education
PHOTOThis is part of a weekly University World News special report series on ‘AI and higher education’. The focus is on how universities are engaging with ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools. The articles from academics and our journalists around the world are exploring developments and university work in AI that have implications for higher education institutions and systems, students and staff, and teaching, learning and research.
Global Commentary
PHOTOIn an era of stricter securitisation of research, more thoughtfulness and better professional judgement are required from several groups in order for international research collaborations to continue and for the global science system to have a chance to remain at least somewhat open.
World Blog
PHOTOA report from the Belarusian Students’ Association, highlighting the persecution of students within Belarus and the discrimination they suffer beyond, urges the Czech Republic to resume issuing study visas for Belarusians and the European Commission to increase support for students fleeing persecution.
Global Features
PHOTOThe new United Nations treaty – 19 years in the making – which provides a legal framework for the establishment of vast marine protected areas represents enormous opportunities for ocean science and the building of marine-related scientific research capacity around the world, experts say.
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