Also: Professor Adipala Ekwamu: A science ambassador of note
15 December 2022  Issue No: 387
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOAfrica’s youth has to be at the centre of the region’s clamour for economic transformation. This has been a clarion call from multiple policy and education platforms during 2022, the latest being the high-level Annual General Meeting of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture, or RUFORUM, hosted in Zimbabwe.
A cost-of-living crisis in Tunisia, where annual inflation rose to 9.8% in November, is one of a list of factors that is pushing Tunisian academics to emigrate, with Saudi Arabian universities being a significant draw – offering better salaries and research opportunities.
After nearly five decades, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education is planning to reintroduce something similar to what was formerly known as Ethiopian University Service. In different formats, compulsory service is an established practice across the continent. In Ethiopia, it is argued, it may be a mechanism to rebuild national unity.
PHOTOProfessor Adipala Ekwamu is one of the most influential figures in higher education in Africa, having founded the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture, or RUFORUM, and serving as its executive secretary since 2004. He spoke about his life’s work ahead of his retirement from the position at the end of December.
Africa News
PHOTOSuicides among university students, in particular medical students, have raised concerns about a mental health crisis that is tearing through Egyptian higher learning institutions. Universities must invest more in mental health support systems for their students, according to concerned experts.
Climate Change
PHOTOUniversities in Africa struggle to offer the academic background required to contribute effectively to the climate change discourse and activities aimed at addressing climate change, which is why many postgraduate students seek climate change expertise, both in teaching and research contexts, outside the continent.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOQuality assurance agencies and networks in Africa have to work in synergy in pursuit of the harmonisation of quality assurance systems, the mutual recognition of qualifications, and enhanced mobility of academics in Africa. Efforts to advance quality assurance awareness and capacity-building activities have picked up steam.
Academic Publishing
PHOTOMentorship for early-career researchers to prevent them from falling prey to fly-by-night journals and conferences, funding support for researchers and enhancing the effectiveness of information sharing about predatory practices within the higher education sector were highlighted as strategies that could help to combat the problem.
Africa Student View
PHOTOAlgerian students from the Université Djillali Liabes have successfully invented a revolutionary process in the exploitation of renewable energy at a time when solar power has become one of the much-needed alternatives to fossil fuel-generated electric energy. The technology they developed focuses on the maintenance of solar panels.
PHOTOHumour in Africa is certainly heavy, moving and defying boundaries and national states and even local cultures, affecting the social and psychological health of the society and illuminating the social and political space in Africa. But why is there a paucity of discourse on humour studies?
Africa Features
PHOTOCollaboration between two research centres, one in Japan and one in Zambia, is successfully contributing to efforts aimed at early detection of potential pandemics caused by zoonotic pathogens and has also led to significant technical support and human resource development among African researchers.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOThe Southern African Regional Universities Association Climate Change Steering Group recently endorsed the finalised version of a climate change and sustainable development masters curriculum and digital ecosystem, which SARUA revised and which will be updated in 2023.
Global Commentary
PHOTOIf we adhere to the idea that universities are sources of truth and knowledge, they need to expand their role and influence in society through greater engagement with the communities they are intended to serve, while also improving their communication with the public.
World Blog
PHOTOThe return to ‘education as normal’ after COVID-19 should not stop higher education institutions in developing countries from being inventive because harnessing digital technologies can build education systems that are able to withstand unforeseen events and obstacles to progressive education and lifelong learning.
Global Features
PHOTOIntergovernmental higher education organisations in Southeast Asia are working to set up a platform to bring together university researchers and policy-makers as part of building a common higher education space for the region that will also help countries achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
World Round-up
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