Also: Decolonisation debate: ‘There is no such thing as an African university’
17 November 2022  Issue No: 383
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOAn estimated million African university students are set to benefit from a digital education programme on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. African scholars in conservation and environmental fields would lead the course development in order to bring an African perspective on climate change and the SDGs.
There is “profound intellectual concern that this decolonial project, insofar as it valorises indigenous knowledges, is anti-universal – and is, thus, inimical to the idea of the university”. As much as indigenous knowledge should be promoted, “this should not come at the expense of the university and the kind of knowledge that is supposed to be produced in a university context”, says Associate Professor of Higher Education Patrício Langa.
A campaign aimed at persuading foreign universities to end their demand that Nigerian students and others from English-speaking African countries sit English proficiency tests as part of admission requirements had started to pay off. At the last count, more than 14 universities had removed the discriminatory English proficiency test barrier for English-speaking Africans.
Africa News
PHOTOThere is an urgent need for the Inter-University Council for East Africa and member states from the East African Community to address the issue of poor quality education, especially in private universities, if the region is to train future drivers of regional social economic development.
Climate Change
PHOTOEgypt’s COP27 presidency launched the African Women’s Climate Adaptive Priorities initiative for promoting the integration and involvement of women in finding smart and innovative solutions to the consequences of climate change and to ensure a green transformation in Africa.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOKnowledge matters in education, but some kinds of knowledge matter more. And knowledge that really matters, is powerful. In this article, researchers ask questions about the nature of the knowledge that matters in one specific field, namely that of health professions education.
Access and Inclusion
PHOTOStudents with disabilities in Cameroonian universities face numerous challenges. Even in some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country, students who have managed to muscle their way through the schooling system face problems ranging from ill-equipped facilities to ignorant staff and societal stigma.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOStudents are calling on African countries in general and Zimbabwe, in particular, to include aspects of climate change in the curriculums of higher education institutions.They are echoing a growing number of expert voices who have been vocal about the need for climate-conscious curriculums.
Global Commentary
PHOTOCommitments to tackling inequalities in higher education participation and success across the world are tiny compared to the importance placed on practically all other aspects of the global higher education agenda, yet failure to address such inequity will inevitably foster resentment regarding higher education itself.
World Blog
PHOTOInstitutions of higher education have a wealth of student data they can use to support students through their individual higher education journey by offering greater flexibility in their study patterns and being more proactive in identifying difficulties students may have along the way.
Global Features
PHOTOA leading private university in Japan is determined to capitalise on lessons learnt from COVID-19 by introducing a programme that will accelerate student mobility between its local and international campuses, offer more personalised programmes to students, reduce class sizes and expand participation in extra-curricular activities.
World Round-up
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