Also: Why do Nigerian politicians continue to create more universities?
1 September 2022  Issue No: 372
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOThe safety of the university community who form part of the civilian population in Ethiopia’s Tigray region is in doubt following reports of airstrikes by Ethiopia’s air force on the regional capital, Mekelle, which caused deaths and injuries.
The African Research Universities Alliance, or ARUA, will increase the number of Centres of Excellence it runs from 13 to 20 in the next 12 months in response to the need for increased university-led knowledge output in priority scientific areas. Universities conduct 95% of all research done in Africa.
Despite the huge shortfall in budgetary allocation and in actual funding for education at both state and federal levels in Nigeria, the proliferation of public universities has continued and has been identified as a setback for the development of the tertiary education sector.
Africa News
PHOTOOutside the United States, scholars of race and slavery are both deepening and widening the study of slavery, breaking down binary distinctions between slavery and freedom by examining forms of dependency over time as well as the changing racisms that shape international and domestic relations.
Climate Change
PHOTO“As a region we must promote participatory approaches in research and community engagement to allow co-generation of ideas at grassroots level and co-design solutions to the climate crisis. Universities need to transform the academic, technical information into simple language,” says Dr Olga Laiza Kupika, a Zimbabwean natural resources conservationist.
Africa Commentary
PHOTORanking organisations themselves are not vocal in pointing out the limitations of their tools, giving public authorities and the higher education community a shared responsibility to highlight the fact that rankings give only a very partial impression of the quality of higher education.
Academic Publishing
PHOTOIf implemented well, open-science practices have the power to connect countries and the world in unprecedented ways, something which is to the benefit of research progress overall, a study into open access in Angola states. But the Southern African country’s higher education institutions still have much to do on this front.
Africa Student View
PHOTOFlorence Jedidiah Mulenga has addressed a United Nations Commission conference about supporting girls in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics space, has won numerous awards and has developed a concept to tackle asthma and hypertension. Next, the fifth-year pharmacy student wants to focus on taking innovations from Africa to a global market.
Africa Features
PHOTOThe Nigerian government’s handling of the ongoing Academic Staff Union of Universities strike remains under fire. Its inaction is hurting parents, lecturers, students, businesses, and its own developmental agenda. Experts estimate that, situated as it is within communities that rely on university economies, the strike is contributing to joblessness.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOMounting pressure for the decolonisation of higher education presents progressive opportunities for epistemic freedom and the emergence of universities that are authentic African universities, according to Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, the chair in epistemologies of the Global South at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.
Global Commentary
PHOTOVirtual learning is no longer just a short-term bridge to sustain a commitment to global education during a pandemic. Having entered the mainstream, it now offers a real opportunity to ensure the achievement of inclusive and equitable quality education at a global level.
World Blog
PHOTOAt a time when the international student market is characterised by ongoing turbulence, and competition in the sector is immense, universities that address the overall well-being of international students, be it economic, emotional, psychological or social, are likely to stand out.
Global Features
PHOTOUnited States President Joe Biden’s long-awaited plan to deal with the student debt crisis – a critical issue with total debt at US$1.6 trillion and 16% of the more than 43 million borrowers in default – offers loan-forgiveness to millions, including middle-class borrowers, and a cap on the rate of pay.
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