Also: 36 African universities represented on U-Multirank list
30 June 2022  Issue No: 366
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOThere is a need for dialogue between mainstream applied sciences on the one hand and the social sciences and humanities on the other if sustainability research is to come up with solutions to inspire the behavioural change needed to build future sustainable societies.
Male scientists were the dominant expert voices in the media during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa in 2020. Women professors accounted for only 30% of quoted experts, according to a study published in the latest South African Journal of Science.
Initiated in the 1960s to address the dearth of qualified teachers in primary schools, Nigeria’s colleges of education have, for decades, been systematically plugging the gap. However, in recent years these tertiary institutions have been faltering. Do they have a future?
Africa News
PHOTOIn a decision that has hit many students like a sledgehammer, the Nigerian medical regulatory body has announced that it will not recognise medical and dental degree certificates issued by Ukrainian universities from 2022. These students will not be able to sit for their licensing examinations.
Climate Change
PHOTOThe use of innovative digital technologies has been key in accelerating climate action, from transforming food systems to building resilient cities and creating climate-smart jobs. Universities can contribute by developing training materials and sharing climate information services and data with smallholding farmers.
PHOTODr Catherine Kyobutungi is a Ugandan epidemiologist and now the executive director of the Nairobi-headquartered African Population and Health Research Center. She speaks about her journey as a scientist, her recent appointment to the United Nations University Council and how to increase women’s participation in science.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOAn integrated approach to youth development programmes could be more effective in achieving their objectives. Ethiopia’s Kefeta project is aiming to improve student employability by also including a focus on civic engagement, social and economic development, health services and access to funding.
Academic Publishing
PHOTOAlthough research and publications in the field of infectious diseases are increasing in low-income countries, authorship equity from these countries in high-impact infectious disease journals has been lacking. Trends in a subset of the publications show that the exclusion of low-income country-affiliated investigators as lead authors is increasing.
Africa Student View
PHOTOA group of final-year students at the University of Rwanda’s College of Education have clashed with the institution’s administrators because they have to repeat their last academic year after missing a crucial deadline. Students have blamed poor communication and connectivity, but administrators say they were negligent.
Africa Features
PHOTOThe uphill battle of gaining admission into Nigerian public higher education institutions, especially universities, is intensifying due to factors such as limited facilities and a shortage of human resources to accommodate as many students as possible. One of the consequences is that talented students might not be admitted.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOA new book on doctoral training in Africa emphasises its significance for higher education, societal well-being and economic development. Against a backdrop of major impediments, it calls for efforts to overcome them and strengthen programmes that take into account the unique context of Africa.
Global Commentary
PHOTOIf universities in the United Kingdom offered the appropriate support for international students to start successful careers back in their home country, the path to immigration – erroneously perceived as being part and parcel of the post-study visa rights offered by receiving countries – would be far less compelling.
Global Features
PHOTOAcademics fear that the incoming chief executive for Hong Kong, a former secretary for security who oversaw the authoritarian crackdown on pro-democracy protests in 2019 and is known for his loyalty to Beijing, will adopt an even harsher line towards universities.
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