Also: Preprint servers gain prominence despite peer review concerns
17 March 2022  Issue No: 351
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOEgyptian students who fled from Ukraine will be able to resume their studies in their homeland. In addition, several eastern European countries, including Romania, Hungary and Serbia, will allow students who were previously studying at Ukrainian universities to complete their studies at their universities and higher education institutions.
Scores of Nigerian students have fled or been evacuated from Ukraine over the past week and efforts are under way to evacuate several who are still trapped. For many students, this has been a harrowing experience, and most now face an uncertain future where their education is concerned.
As we face a new Cold War, we must be firm in condemning the Russian institutions and academic leaders supporting the war against Ukraine but maintain contact with Russian academics who share common values of integrity, mutual understanding and academic freedom.
Africa News
PHOTOAgainst a backdrop of heavy youth unemployment, the urgency with which the higher education sector must contribute meaningfully towards resolving the crisis of social and economic underdevelopment in South Africa cannot be over-emphasised. A Work Integrated Learning South Africa strategy aims to tackle this challenge.
Climate Change
PHOTOWomen have been playing an instrumental role in addressing the human and sociological dimensions of climate change, from social justice and equity to adaptation, mitigation and vulnerability. More organisations are stepping forward to support emerging women researchers who focus on climate change and gender studies.
Reimagining the African University
PHOTOPolicy-makers and university vice-chancellors in the developing world must stop trying to duplicate the dominant model for higher education, which is rigged in favour of institutions in the Global North – and, instead, forge home-grown approaches which meet the needs of their local contexts, says Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, rector of the International Islamic University Malaysia.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOUniversities are global centres of knowledge and learning but only a highly filtered section of our global communities can enjoy their benefits and contribute to their powerful knowledge systems. It is time to democratise knowledge and move towards more inclusive participatory universities for all.
Academic Publishing
PHOTOWhile they have been around for the past five decades, preprint servers, repositories that allow access to original manuscripts to the public before they have undergone peer review, have gained more prominence and are mooted to be interventions that Africa needs to make research more visible.
Africa Student View
PHOTOHave you ever travelled thousands of miles to conduct research and returned empty-handed? I have. In 2018 I got on a flight in Norway and left for Zimbabwe. My mission was to collect data for my thesis, ‘There Is a Spy on the Campus: Academic freedom under Zimbabwe’s watchful government’.
Africa Features
PHOTODisinformation and fake news are being used not only by individuals and organisations, but also by state actors to destabilise entire societies. Several institutes, some linked to universities, are working to expose disinformation. Importantly, they are also training the next generation of disinformation analysts.
HE Access and Financing
PHOTOA definitive new global higher education report providing detailed transnational data on a sector that is notoriously difficult to quantify shows that the Global South is dramatically altering global higher education patterns but that few trends in the sector are truly global.
Top Africa Stories from Last Week
PHOTOAcademics have condemned an alleged instruction by an official from South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation to muzzle scientists over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, saying that academic freedom is a constitutional right that applies to all in South Africa.
Global Commentary
PHOTOAs 1.5 million refugees pour into Poland to escape the shelling and bombing of Ukraine, Polish universities are offering dormitories, sports halls and cultural centres as shelter, and parliament has permitted them to find ways for Ukrainian refugee academics and students to continue their work and study.
World Blog
PHOTOWith the right team, a culture that supports the sharing of differing points of view, and a process that enables the team to move beyond the react-respond mode, crises can be managed effectively and institutions can come out stronger as a result.
Global Features
PHOTOThe Russian Union of Rectors has hardened its line, issuing a statement supporting the army and President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine to ‘achieve demilitarisation and denazification’ and underlining universities’ commitment to ‘instil patriotism in young people’.
World Round-up
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