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2 December 2021  Issue No: 339
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOChina has promised to roll out higher education programmes in African countries spanning the medical, innovation, climate change and agricultural development fields in a wide-ranging support package that is poised to further cement Beijing’s footprint on the continent.
New data show that the number of students from Africa who are studying in the United States has declined in 2020-21 compared with the previous academic year. Similarly, mobility from the US to Africa has slowed down, with some African countries experiencing a drop of more than 50% in student numbers.
As policy-makers gear up for a summit on a new multi-year strategic agreement between the African Union and the European Union, research universities sent a clear message that enhanced African-European university collaboration should be a key component of the agreement.
Africa News
PHOTOAfrica has experienced more military coups than any other continent worldwide, with five coups this year alone – in Niger, Chad, Mali, Guinea and Sudan. This turns the spotlight on the role of African military academies in preparing military leaders for 21st-century security challenges.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOHigher education has a vital role to play in actively, aggressively defending democracy – not just because it is the right thing to do, but because otherwise the rise of authoritarian, anti-knowledge movements will put democracy at further risk and threaten higher education itself.
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Africa Student View
PHOTOIncreasingly, more people are excited about astrophysics, but the primary goal of emerging space nations is not to follow what has been done, but to set a new narrative. As Africa participates in the space sector, it must do so to foster research to develop key sectors and conserve natural resources.
Africa Features
PHOTOThree members of Zimbabwe’s San community, which has for centuries lived as hunter-gatherers, have made history by being the first to enrol in a university. The three students at Midlands State University pay their own tuition fees by working in construction at the university.
Global Commentary
PHOTOWhat impact has COVID had on international student mobility? A study of the latest figures for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany show that Germany could replace Australia as the third most significant host country for international students as early as next year.
World Blog
PHOTOAcademic concerns about the quality of transnational education and educational equality in transnational universities in China – particularly about the quality of English-medium instruction and Chinese students’ linguistic competence – reflect an urgent need to review the effectiveness of this way of teaching.
Global Features
PHOTOThere will be no business as usual post-pandemic, agreed public higher education leaders from five countries at a gathering of the International Association of University Presidents. There has been an explosion of innovation in teaching and research, the best of which must be part of a future that vigorously tackles inequalities.
World Round-up
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