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25 November 2021  Issue No: 338
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PHOTOResearch and higher education are crucial to change the ‘politics of pandemics’ being played out in the global COVID-19 vaccine distribution patterns, with G20 member countries having received 15 times more vaccine doses per capita than Sub-Saharan Africa.
Higher education can lead the way to recovery from the pandemic, but first it has to ‘rethink, reinvent and adapt’ to better serve its citizens, communities and economy, an international conference held to mark the 2021 World Access to Higher Education Day, or WAHED, was told.
The academic community has rejected the power-sharing deal between the civilian and military leadership to restore the transitional government put in place after the ousting of Omar al-Bashir in 2019. At least two vice-chancellors have resigned to signal their rejection of the political agreement.
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PHOTOThe impact of school and university closures or partial closures caused by COVID-19 has only added to the challenges facing equity access to higher education now and for decades to come, a global conference to mark World Access to Higher Education Day or WAHED heard.
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Africa Commentary
PHOTOSouth Africa is the world’s most unequal society. This became significantly more visible when COVID-19 plunged the country into a state of disaster. It is against this backdrop that higher education institutions have been playing a key role in ameliorating the societal impact of the pandemic.
Africa Student View
PHOTOA student from Sierra Leone has won the US$100,000 Global Student Prize for inventing a device that uses kinetic energy from traffic and pedestrians to generate clean power. The award goes to an exceptional student who has made a real impact on society.
Africa Features
PHOTONigeria’s inability to engage a large proportion of her youth meaningfully through job creation has the potential for social dislocation. The dire unemployment situation many graduates and those with advanced education in the country face is a cause for widespread concern.
Special Report: Fall 2021 AAP Dialogue Series
PHOTOGlobally, the human population grows by about 83 million people annually. As a result, food demand is expected to increase between 59% and 98% by 2050. As outlined by Sustainable Development Goal 2 – ending hunger – there is an urgent need to explore novel alternative and sustainable food and feed production chains. Insects may be a part of the solution.
Global Commentary
PHOTOHong Kong higher education may be thriving under a regime that is willing to pay for the research and development that it needs in order to stay in power, but from an academic freedom point of view, what is left is a regime-directed factory of higher education.
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PHOTOThe European Commission is looking to ‘rebalance’ European Union research with China and is currently negotiating with China to draw up a joint roadmap for science and technology cooperation, but with stricter terms than in the past, including a requirement for openness and reciprocity.
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