Also: COP26: Scientists, students reflect on Africa’s voice
11 November 2021  Issue No: 336
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOThe demand for study abroad is becoming stronger as COVID-19 appears to wane. Universities could capitalise on the moment by applying 4Ps: plotting a global engagement strategy, pulling in international collaborators, pursuing an integrated communications approach and positioning their websites as gateways.
A United Nations special rapporteur says sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries are affecting the country’s higher education sector and causing massive brain drain and widespread unemployment among key professionals such as university professors. But not everyone agrees with her assessment.
Key themes have emerged from a report about innovative teachers in universities in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria who have been creating and repurposing content and using the tools at hand to assemble a digital learning infrastructure to reach and support their students.
Africa News
PHOTOAn ingenious new entrepreneurship course is delivered on an instant messaging application and the approach to the content is a technique that encourages start-ups to treat their business ventures as scientific experiments.
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Africa Commentary
PHOTOProgramme audits as a viable and comprehensive quality assurance mechanism, which have been interrupted in the Ethiopian higher education system, should be reinstated due to the critical role they play in the improvement of institutions.
Africa Student View
PHOTOKenya experiences climate change-induced crop and livestock losses, forest fires, damage to fisheries and reduced water supply … But, what a student delegate to COP26 has seen in Glasgow is that many negotiators are not aware of how vulnerable Africa is to climate change.
Africa Features
PHOTOCoordination to increase cross-border information sharing and collaboration in climate-related crises should be strengthened across Africa. African unity – a collective voice – on climate change is also necessary, says Dr Elizabeth Effah, a research fellow on climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Global Commentary
PHOTOUniversities in Hong Kong have undergone a significant change in their governance and management under Xi Jinping’s presidency which impinges on academic freedom. The future under the constraints of the National Security Law is unclear, but the city-state’s universities will never be the same.
Global Features
PHOTOBlack students in the United States remain less likely to gain access to university, more likely to drop out and less likely to graduate, and the latest data shows that the number of black freshmen has dropped by 22.3% compared to 12.3% overall since the start of the pandemic.
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PHOTOThe 2021 World Access to Higher Education Day or WAHED online conference is being held on 17 November. ‘WAHED 2021: Who will be going to university in 2030?’ will include more than 20 top speakers from six continents. You are invited to participate in this free event.
Civic Engagement
PHOTOMany universities around the world have worked hard to help their local communities through the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have faced the additional extraordinary challenges of how to provide aid and support in the midst of armed conflicts and growing mistrust in their own governments.
World Round-up
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