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7 October 2021  Issue No: 331
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOWithout the full and serious commitment and cooperation of educators, decolonisation of African universities is just another hollow slogan that Africans have been trumpeting since the dawn of political independence.
Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole is the new secretary-general of the Association of African Universities. He spoke to University World News about his quest to amplify the relevance of the association as the voice of higher education in Africa.
A former academic and political outsider has become the first woman in the history of Tunisia to lead the country’s government.
Africa News
PHOTOAn application to have the multi-country African Institute of Indigenous Knowledge Systems recognised as a strategic partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is currently under way.
PHOTOThe Transforming African Agricultural Universities to Meaningfully Contribute to Africa’s Growth and Development or TAGDev initiative is helping students to translate their research into viable businesses and universities to become enablers of entrepreneurship. University World News spoke to Dr Anthony Egeru, programme manager for training and community development at RUFORUM, who also oversees the project, about how much impact it is having.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOPostdoctoral research fellows add real value to their academic institutions and to their country. Isn’t it time they were appreciated through more formal support mechanisms?
Africa Student View
PHOTOLiving in Zimbabwe today is somewhat like an extreme sport. From poor public transport, bad roads, poor access to health care and electricity and water shortages, to a wobbly currency, you must navigate through a maze of challenges.
Africa Features
PHOTOTwo veterans in Ugandan higher education, Professors Mary Okwakol and Joy Kwesiga, have perhaps mentored more women leaders in the sector than anyone else. They have been determined to improve the number of women in top positions but, ideally, each institution should have a senior woman or women who are role models and who can mentor younger colleagues.
Global Commentary
PHOTOThrough investment in ‘geointellect’, exporting its higher education and research abroad, China is aiming to grow its intellectual power – and enhance the visibility of Chinese academic and research institutions and disciplines exhibiting Chinese characteristics – and dominance. And it is well on its way.
World Blog
PHOTOQuality assurance of Chile’s higher education institutions is facing considerable challenges following the passing of legislation reforming higher education, due to long-standing weaknesses in the regulation process. Quality assurance mechanisms need to be strengthened to identify and provide support to poorly performing institutions.
Global Features
PHOTOWhile it is true that the disruptions caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have affected both rich and poor countries, the impact on students from vulnerable groups has been much greater than for the average student population in low-income countries.
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