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25 March 2021  Issue No: 306
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOStudent loan schemes are enabling poor students across the world to obtain degrees. Despite the provision of financial aid in many countries, the pressure for free university education, often fuelled by protests, has not abated. In South Africa, a deepening student debt and fee crisis could have been foreseen and offered lessons best left unrepeated.
Africa needs a critical mass of functionaries and thought leaders with an international mindset for the continent’s interconnected future. With the Young African Leaders Programme, aimed at attracting experts from all the regions and all walks of life, the much-needed expertise in transboundary policy matters could be expanded.
Kenya’s Higher Education Loans Board, the agency that disburses loans to university students for the government, is seeking a US$100 million syndicated loan from an international financier to boost its funding capacity amid a growing demand for financial help. Lower-than-expected government capitalisation and a growth in defaulters post-COVID have contributed to the fund’s challenges.
Africa News
PHOTOThe vice-chancellor of the iconic University of Fort Hare, South Africa, an institution that has produced presidents, princes, pop stars and poets, has rubbished claims by a ruling African National Congress member of parliament, Jane Mananiso, who claimed that black university heads were not carrying their weight compared with other race groups at institutions of higher learning.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOIncreasingly, countries set research and development intensity goals as an essential element of science, technology and innovation plans. But policy-makers should review the goals-based approach to research and development-based innovation and growth, because unrealistic goals based on political considerations are undermining its credibility.
Africa Features
PHOTOPlans to build the Robert Mugabe University in Zimbabwe, named after the country’s late founding president, have been shelved, with the staggering US$1 billion needed for the project unlikely to be raised following his death in 2019.
Global Commentary
PHOTODemocracy is at a crossroads. Amid the ravages of COVID-19, growing divisions and the aftermath of an assault on the Capitol, the United States needs academics who challenge norms, search for the truth, encourage listening and understanding and create a society that promotes democratic values.
World Blog
PHOTOThe link between resource allocation and position in Chinese universities has been little studied, but it is clear that publication rates rise significantly after an academic becomes a dean at a lower ranking university. This power effect is constrained, however, at top universities.
Global Features
PHOTOA new book examines the psychological struggle under-represented, racially minoritised students suffer in United States science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM programmes and provides searing analysis of the failure of what is often touted by liberals as the gold standard of interacting with these groups of students, the claim to being ‘colour blind’.
World Round-up
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