Also: Students worry about jobs, new global survey shows
4 March 2021  Issue No: 303
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOSeventeen departments at African universities can claim to be among the world’s 100 best places to study their subject, according to the 11th edition of the ‘QS World University Rankings by Subject’ released on 4 March. African universities perform better in the social sciences, arts and humanities, as only three of the 17 top 100 departments are scientific or technological disciplines – two mineral and mining engineering departments.
Artificial intelligence could expand Africa’s economy by a staggering US$1.5 trillion – about 50% of its current gross domestic product – if it could only capture 10% of the fast-growing artificial intelligence market, set to reach US$15.7 trillion by 2030, a new report has pointed out.
Kenyan university students are more concerned about access to quality jobs than their counterparts in most parts of the world, according to a global survey including nearly 17,000 students in 21 countries by, an American textbook rental and educational technology company.
Africa News
PHOTOUnemployed Moroccan PhD holders have vowed to continue with a sit-in in front of the education ministry as part of ongoing protests against their exclusion from public service employment, in particular at universities and science centres.
Africa Commentary
PHOTOTechnical and vocational education and training or TVET is recognised as a major component of the education system in Ethiopia. Its significant contribution towards the economic development of the country through the production of essential mid-level technicians is widely recognised.
Africa Features
PHOTOIn November 2019, Abiona Mataranyika made history by becoming the first female to be elected as president of the University of Zimbabwe Student Representative Council, more than six decades after the inception of this higher learning institution. It has not been an easy road.
Global Commentary
PHOTOWhile we marvel at the speed at which COVID-19 vaccines have been produced, concerns are growing over the emergence of vaccine nationalism, with future debate likely to be focused on two questions: who profited from the pandemic and at what global public expense?
World Blog
PHOTOThe provision of more flexible and modular learning opportunities in the European area has been accelerated by policies supporting the implementation of micro-credentials. Recognition will be essential for their success, but this requires new approaches and the application of existing tools to work.
Academic Freedom
PHOTORights groups and civil society organisations have called for the release of a former Delhi University professor currently serving a prison term in India, who recently tested COVID-19 positive, which could be life-threatening given his existing conditions and lack of adequate medical care.
Global Features
PHOTOAs a new university semester begins this month in many parts of East and Southeast Asia, still affected by second and third waves of COVID-19, online courses are still common and blocks or restrictions on foreign students returning are widespread.
World Round-up
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