Also: Lower student revenues – A threat to public education
1 October 2020  Issue No: 285
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PHOTOThe shift, amid COVID-19, to engaging students through social networks speaks volumes to the call for transformation in pedagogy and learning practices but are we doing the right thing by adopting social networks in lieu of course or learning management systems?
There seems little question that the present model for higher education in which public institutions fulfil multiple mandates will be significantly challenged by post-pandemic online education, delivered by private companies less encumbered by historical responsibilities and more able to provide cost-effective education.
Tertiary education institutions across the African continent can benefit by tapping into the vast experience of the African diaspora through various means, including the exchange of teachers, research, public service and mentorship programmes, Ghana President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said.
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PHOTOInternational students can now join the nearly 245,650 or 40% of South African contact students who have already obtained permits to return to their university campuses.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOSteps taken towards the establishment of a differentiated higher education system in Ethiopia should be seen as a major achievement. However, the successful implementation of such a system requires much more than merely identifying institutions in terms of new institutional categories.
Africa Features
PHOTOUniversities have been challenged to be more responsive to the diverse needs of students, adapt their teaching methods and sharpen their research focus to contribute to the solving of global problems.
Global Commentary
PHOTOIndia has the talent necessary to develop world-class research universities and there are some promising initiatives from the government. The challenge is not a lack of ideas, it is the absence of sustained support and effective implementation, and in India these are formidable obstacles.
Global Features
PHOTOEuropean Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has announced a sweeping range of initiatives designed to ensure that higher education and research play a central role in the European Union’s recovery plans from COVID-19. But politicians fear European budget cuts could derail plans to strengthen research.
PHOTOEducation needs to end the “corrosive culture” of vast student debt and stop servicing league tables and competitive metrics which force universities and staff to compete rather than collaborate, according to Professor Jo Littler of City, University of London in the Worldviews 2020 lecture.
Global COVID Vaccine Research
PHOTOThe COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented spurt in global research collaboration in the quest to find a vaccine. Over three weeks, University World News examines the phenomenon that has so far allowed for more than 200 clinical trials to be launched within months of the virus spreading across borders.
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