How social entrepreneurs are contributing to HE change
3 September 2020  Issue No: 281
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOConformity to traditional cultural beliefs and societal expectations have contributed significantly to gender gaps in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM fields in Africa, according to a new study conducted by the Nairobi-based African Academy of Sciences.
A key component in ensuring that students leave university with appropriate skills for employment when they graduate is fostering links with employers. Social entrepreneurs are providing that link in supporting the Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa partnership.
The suspension of international travel to attend conferences; the inability to take up postgraduate scholarships and posts; financial losses due to the fall-off in tuition fees from foreign students … The landscape of the world of tertiary education has been completely, perhaps irrevocably, altered by the coronavirus pandemic. Privileged status and the fault lines between developing and developed countries have been starkly exposed.
Africa News
PHOTOThe Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez in Morocco has been chosen as the regional academic partner to launch what is hoped will be a revolutionary agritech development hub aimed at transforming Moroccan small-scale subsistence farming into fully digitalised and innovative agri-food businesses.
Africa Features
PHOTOMore than 30 Zimbabwean students protesting under the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter banner calling for freedom of expression, an end to corruption and better living conditions, have thus far been arrested and charged by the state for inciting violence, according to the Zimbabwe National Students Union.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOIn times of constant change, we need strong institutions that nurture leaders, anchor truly democratic futures and promote inclusive economic development, environmental sustainability and social progress. Universities have a critical role to play in achieving this.
Global Commentary
PHOTOCOVID-19 has wreaked havoc on education around the world, and one result could be a slowdown in intellectual achievement. Drawing on the concept used in the health sector to measure years of life lost, it might be possible to develop a ‘Years of Potential Intellectual Life Lost’ general measure of how much the pandemic has slowed intellectual advancement.
Global Features
PHOTOUniversities have joined with schools and colleges across the globe in shutting down most activities as the impact of the coronavirus affects almost every aspect of life. An estimated 1.8 billion students have been affected by educational institution lockdowns.
Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education
PHOTOThe third edition of Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global foundations, issues, and best practices is an enormous volume, involving around 250 authors and others from 125 countries. The open access book was recently published by the International Association of Student Affairs and Services with Deutsches Studentenwerk. In this three-part Special Report, authors describe and interpret the landscape of student affairs globally, developments and issues, achievements and challenges.
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