African students persecuted in China
16 April 2020  Issue No: 265
Africa Top Stories
PHOTODespite massive investment in national ICT infrastructure in Uganda, online learning has not been embraced by universities and schools during the lockdown, which suggests that barriers to online learning are more than simply infrastructural.
African students in Guangzhou, China, have been thrown out of their homes, forcibly quarantined and refused entry into public areas as xenophobic hostility towards Africans escalates in the wake of warnings by Chinese President Xi Jinping of “new difficulties and challenges” related to a possible “second wave” of the pandemic.
Leading in times of crisis requires a strong people-first approach, one that involves students and staff, especially those most disadvantaged, a desire to connect with others, reorganisation to face the crisis head on and, above all, a vision that goes beyond the crisis.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOA new Afrocentric teaching model, which foregrounds the use of digital technology in its methodology and delivery and the importance of partnerships in meeting the higher education needs of the continent, provides a powerful teaching and learning model, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdowns.
Africa News
PHOTOThe range of containment measures imposed by national governments to counter the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected research, teaching and learning in African universities – in some cases leading to their suspension. In these unusual circumstances, what are the implications for academic freedom?
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PHOTOHigher education leaders in South Africa are looking to move to a European model for open access publishing of scholarly articles as soon as possible, according to the body that coordinates the country’s public universities.
World Blog
PHOTOInternational higher education is at a crossroads. As currently provided across the world, it can only increase its impact to a limited extent. It needs to focus more on what it can do to further social and societal excellence through ‘internationalisation at home’.
Global Commentary
PHOTOThe coronavirus pandemic raises a large number of ethical issues that universities are at the centre of, from the future of globalisation to academic integrity. What values should guide universities as they address the extraordinary disruption to higher education and society at large?
Global Features
PHOTOThe flow of knowledge both ways across Denmark’s borders is surprisingly poor compared to comparable countries, according to a new analysis by the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy or DFiR, which uses eight indicators to investigate how Danish research and innovation are interacting with the world.
International Higher Education Forum
PHOTOUniversities UK is running a series of three webinars as part of the International Higher Education Forum, exploring the recruitment challenges facing higher education, managing risk in transnational education operations, and whether it is possible to develop a green international education strategy.
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