Is deep transformation eluding us?
27 February 2020  Issue No: 260
Africa Top Stories
PHOTOBut, let us be honest … the deep transformation around knowledge, pedagogy and institutional culture is eluding us, except for pockets of productive work in some of our universities in South Africa. A new, emancipatory imagination for higher education looks like a bridge too far.
A number of universities and institutions of higher learning in Uganda have started tweaking their programmes this year to include an element of skills acquisition after the Ministry of Education and Sports approved a more ‘competence-based’ curriculum for lower secondary education last October.
The council of Sudan University of Science and Technology, one of the country’s largest public universities, has approved the withdrawal of honorary degrees awarded to four members of the regime of ousted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir – including his former vice-president – and three senior members of his political party.
Africa Analysis
PHOTOIt is time to focus on creating an enlightened cadre of African intellectuals, scholars and professionals who fully recognise their history but are confident in navigating the international landscape in the national and continental as well as global interest.
Africa News
PHOTOHopes that this week’s visit to Kenya by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier would provide some insight into progress towards the establishment of the long-awaited East African-German University of Applied Sciences remain largely unfulfilled.
Africa Features
PHOTOCompetition for jobs among university graduates in Africa is expected to intensify in the near future, a factor that will force new graduates to accept jobs that are not aligned with their skills, education level or even areas of specialisation, according to a new report by the African Development Bank.
Global Commentary
PHOTOChina’s response to the coronavirus has widespread consequences for science, research publication and education. Journal publications are being delayed, scientific conferences shelved, campuses all over the country are closed and even the gaokao school-leaving exam, crucial to university entrance, is under threat.
World Blog
PHOTOUnited Kingdom universities need to take action now to fight for a protected space for higher education and research negotiations in the European Union-UK talks on the future relationship and lobby and prepare for ongoing post-Brexit associations between them and continental universities.
Global Features
PHOTOIn a world where politics, trade and security are more directly entering into the realms of academic research, and tensions are exacerbated by geopolitical tensions and rising nationalism, how do you ensure internationalisation of research is carried out in a responsible way?
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